NanoTech have announced today that it has expanded its 4K Studios with the opening of a second facility in Hollywood California. The new facilities are located on “The Lot,” a famous industry location that has been home of some of the greatest influences in film, including Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Sam Goldwyn.

Nanotech 4K Studios

A pioneer in bringing the 4K experience to consumers, NanoTech is leading the market with its 4K Studios, dedicated to the creation of 4K Ultra HD content. NanoTech Vice President of Development, Alexander “LX” Rudis stated, “4K Studios is a world-class production facility located in the heart of San Francisco, the technological center of the world. Now, with our expansion to Hollywood, the center of the Movie and Television industry, we have built a wonderful bridge between content and technology.”

NanoTech CEO Jeffrey A. Foley added “The Future of TelevisionSM includes 4K Ultra HD in a big way. With many of our content deals originating in Hollywood, it only makes sense for us to expand our operations at ground zero. These facilities not only give our staff a base of operations, but also provide us with close proximity to several of our content technology partners as well.

4K Studios

“With 4K Studios’ recent technological advancements, we are no longer limited to just creating new 4K content to meet this growing demand,” Foley noted. “Content owners such as broadcasters and movie studios have vast libraries of content that can be economically converted to pristine 4K and offered to consumers while providing added ROI from their library. The freemium versions (with embedded ads) can also be quickly turned into very high-quality 4K VOD content that can be used to generate incremental revenue.”

Rudis emphasized that the 4K conversion process can’t just involve up-scaling because the resulting content would look as bad as when the industry moved from standard definition to HD up-scaled content, which was muddy and full of artifacts.

To ensure that the content is clean, crisp and noise free, 4K Studios’ Ultra HD Scanners take a 35mm film (or even 16mm) and make multiple digitizations of each frame of the film at different light levels in red, green and blue, creating an HDR 4K image for every frame of the film. At the same time, the audio track image from the film is scanned and put into a synchronized audio file.

During scanning, the film is run through the Kodak Digital ICE™ film processing procedure to repair many of the defects and scratches in the film. The output from this procedure is saved into an uncompressed file and then run through 4K’s proprietary process which compensates for the frame-by-frame deltas in textures, colors and lighting. Once the automated scan is completed, 4K Studios’ editors view the video scene by scene, applying Gamma and Lighting corrections. Any remaining scratches or defects are then repaired by hand. Finally, the master files are compressed using multiple codecs and a variety of proprietary methods and settings resulting in final files that are ready for streaming delivery.

Using these processes, 4K Studios has even been able to make dramatic improvements to films mastered in 4K by other studios.

NanoTech has already secured the services of local representation in Los Angeles, and has recently added staff based out of the new Hollywood office, dedicated to interfacing with the studios and content aggregators located in the greater Hollywood area.

Dedicated to providing 4K Ultra HD conversions and the creation of original 4K Ultra HD content, the new facilities are located at 1041 N. Formosa Avenue, Fairbanks Building, Suite #6 West Hollywood, CA 90046.

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