Founded by three guys with deep roots in the action sports scene, they try to bring you accessories for your DSLR and camcorder that enable you to capture the action easier and make your footage more exciting.
All our products are made in Germany to ensure maximum quality.

Delta-Handle 150

The MALSTROEM Delta-Handle 150 enables the user to shoot video as comfortable with a DSLR, as they would be with a classic camcorder.
Once a camera is mounted, the center of gravity lies directly underneath your hand. That makes the MALSTROEM Delta-Handle 150 feel extremely comfortable and you can achieve steady shots with ease.


Fully adjustable handle
Adjustable camera base plate to achive perfect balance
Four 1/4-inch threads to mount a multitude of accessorys
Fits Cameras up to about 145mm in height and 4.5kg in weight
Made in Germany from high strength aluminum

Accessory Mounts

Accessory Mount AM 0-1

Attached to your MALSTROEM Delta-Handle, the MALSTROEM Accessory Mount AM 0-1 gives you two 1/4 inch threads to mount external hardware like monitors or microphones to the left side of the handle.

Accessory Mount AM 45-1

The MALSTROEM Accessory Mount AM 45-1 creates, depending on the orietation you mount it in, either a vertical or horizontal mounting spot on the slanted right side of your MALSTROEM Delta-Handle.

Pop on over to MALSTROEM for more on their camera rigs.

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