Benchmark, touchstone, yardstick, call it what you will, but Freefly Systems seem to smash any reference point with each new development they work on.

Top handles on a drone… Who would have thought.

With the ALTA 8, the team at Freefly managed to sneak in a few very convenient features without sacrificing too much performance.

We added a quick release handle to the top of the craft for ground handling. At first this seemed silly, but after we prototyped the idea and our pilots tested and loved it, there was no going back.

We also added our quick release ‘Toad in the Hole’ mounting system to both the top and bottom of the aircraft. This allows the user to quickly change the configuration on the fly.

– camera on top
– camera on bottom
– batteries on top
– batteries on bottom
– sensor on top
– sensor on bottom
– batteries on both (for extended flight times)

We go from sketches and CAD work to prototypes and production as quickly as possible to make your life on set quick and efficient.

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