Good little test of a prototype Streamline cable cam timelapse of a car sitting pretty for a pac shot by Videoworx Sweden.

Long Distance Time Lapse with Streamline Cable Cam from Videoworx Sweden on Vimeo.

Very happy with how this test came out. The Streamline prototype worked perfectly.👌🏻 The only thing that could have made the result better would be for me to get more practice setting up the camera when shooting time lapse. The cable was about 80 meters but the camera battery ran out after 55 meters. Shot just under 800 pictures with a 10 second delay, total time 2 hours 15 minutes. I think that the result would have been not to different with a 5 second delay, cutting the total time in half. If I had done that I wouldn't have had to go for coffee half way through…💤☕️

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