LiteTrack 1000 Slider

The LiteTrack camera tracking system is a slider with a difference you can hand crank it. Or if you prefer simply take out the hand crank and maneuver the Slider with handles or a tripod fluid head. The LiteTrack comes in a few configurations starting with the LiteTrack 1000, LiteTrack 1200, LiteTrack 1300, and the LiteTrack 2000

LiteTrack 2000 Slider with Hand Crank

Coming soon the LiteTrack 3000 which is a modular extension system. You can use the rail system to extend to 3m.

LiteTrack 3000 Modular Slider

Also coming soon is the Power-lite Track Sledge which is an electronic drive Slider.

Power-Light Track Sledge Slider

See LiteTrack for more.

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