This project originated from the urge to create tools that help designers create professional results in time of budget cuts. With “Tools for Design we aim to create a community that helps in the development of instruments used in the design process.
The Stead i Cam is an example of one of these tools. It supports smooth and professional moving video footage. It is created from a single sheet of laser-cut material, making it easy for any student to create and assemble. This open-source project cuts costs for such a professional tool and makes it accessible for every student.

The Stead i Cam is designed by Frits Stam en Koen de Greef

features of the Stead i Cam:
+ removable / adjustable camera plate
+ design incorporates a feet for easy storage
+ weight swivels to compensate for an unbalanced camera
+ air bubble for leveling the camera
+ adjustable handle position with a screw thread which allows for very fine adjustments of the center of mass
+ light weight design

See Tools For Design for more information.

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