Benjamin Lambinet is a French independent filmmaker who has created over 80 original Look Up Tables or LUTs that have been inspired by many famous cine styles.
Some of Benjamin’s Free LUTs have been downloaded by fellow filmmakers up to 15,000 times. So you may have already come across some of Benjamin’s LUTs before, such as the very popular n°8700 and Aspen LUTs.


Along with the free LUTs Benjamin is also offering the IWLTBAP LUT pack with 80 fresh LUTs. The IWLTBAP LUT pack offers some original looks that have been created especially for the pack. Or they have come from video projects Benjamin has worked on in the past.

Here is some of the IWLTBAP LUTs in action:

I think it’s a tool that can be interesting for amateur filmmakers who want to learn about color correction, but also for professionals who can, on some projects, use pre-made styles in addition to their color grading work processes. Benjamin Lambinet

The 80 IWLTABAP LUT pack is normally a pretty reasonable $20, and I am excited to say Cinescopophilia readers thanks to Benjamin can grab a further cool 25% discount on the LUT’s by clicking and using this code: CINESCOPOPHILIA.



Benjamin Lambinet’s website : for some free LUTs to download and use:
– LUT “Aspen” :
– LUT “Sedona” :
– LUT n°8700 :

Benjamin also offers free 4K film grain (in high resolution ProRes 422 @ 25fps) based on real 35mm film scans :



More of Benjamin’s work on Vimeo:

Color grading timelapse with DaVinci Resolve and LUTs to create a film look from IWLTBAP on Vimeo.

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