foolcat app generates camera reports of any folder full of RED, MXF or QuickTime files in rich HTML and PDF format.

foolcat Demo

The foolcat software supports RED R3D, QuickTime clips (Canon, Sony, Arri, GoPro…) and MXF files (Canon C300, XF305 etc).

foolcat 3.98 with HDRx rollover:

foolcat Demo:

foolcat will summarise total clip count, duration, drop frames, disk space and shows extensive metadatas for each clip along with 3 thumbnails:

clip name, date shot, time shot, camera network name, format, pixel size, aspect ratio, camera frame guide, project framerate, clip framerate (varispeed), duration (seconds and frames), absolute TC start/end, edge TC start/end, shutter speed (1/secs and degrees), REDcode value, HDRx mode and stop value, ISO, WB (Kelvin and Tint), audio channels count, genlock mode, timecode mode, link mode, 3D mode, camera type, sensor info, PIN and firmware revision, number of file segments, drop frame count, lens mount type, focal lenght, aperture and focal distance, audio channels, genlock, TC link mode, lookname, colorspace and gammaspace, it also displays gain, lift gamma gain, curves, exposure, saturation, contrast, shadow… plus all the RMD values, including curves, gain, exposure… synched audio, framing setting, post FX (alchemy values etc) and any custom user info (Project name, Scene description, Scene, Shot, Take, Notes, Camera notes, Script notes, Rating, Color label, Circled take).

HTML version will also let you view and compare your clip with and without the RMD sidecar look applied, and also preview HDRx X track if available.

foolcat works on Mac OS X intel and requires your machine to have latest REDCINE-X PRO installed.

Please see foolcolor for more on their foolcat software.

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