For those that have forgotten or have failed to do any research the name is new but the guys at Edelkrone have been at this gear making game for a while. Handy FilmTools as they were once known as started a journey in providing filmmaking solutions way back in 2000 and you may remember or have used their Handy35. The company then gave us the HandySLR Base.X rig which caused quite a stir and then they re-branded and are now called Edelkrone. Simple right. The next gear for Edelkrone is a camera shoulder support called the Modula DSLR Rig. The Edelkrone DSLR Rigs are available as Modular parts or as complete kits. Also keep an eye out for their Follow Focus it is coming along nicely.

For more go here to see what;s doing at Edelkrone.

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