RED JJ had his say on the future of where film is going, and how he hates the mistakes of where it has been. Yeah 4K all the way, at least until they build another camera then another camera and tell you that is the one and only true movieola making machine. Now there are a stack of business models out there that both agree and disagree with blog throw-downs on REDuser by the big cheese and the mice sucking off the teets. You just have to keep making vision and sound that others want to watch and keep doing it, but make some green folding stuff along the way too.
So if you make a movie heaven forbid in the so called mistake format of 1080P or less, and even if you are like JJ and have a RED crystal ball and can see into the future; well you still have show your movie some how and get a return from it.
If you don’t go mainstream and Indie is your thing then you may want to try your hand with a Digital Rights Management distribution or the DRM platform.
MovieLocker has officially launched a new integrated HD enabled video hosting platform that allows you to make money from your videos. Viewers can watch your videos but can’t distribute them.

MovieLocker with their secure video hosting platform ensures you total copyright control through DRM. You get the the ability to upload your videos with multiple payment options with the three pricing models. There are no up front fees all you do is upload your videos any file size, any video bitrate and definition, Mac or PC and decide whether you want to give access to them free of charge, for donations (in which case the viewer decides upon the amount), or for an amount that you specify.

A MovieLocker strategic alliance with the George Eastman House to distribute their archive is far beyond “a stroke of luck”. Movielocker also won over legendary independent filmmaker Jonas Mekas as one of the first supporters of their services. Mekas says: “Get a camera and start filming!”

What is unique about MovieLocker?

No video limits. Any length, any definition, any bitrate.
Total copyright control. All videos are protected by DRM, which means that a video can be viewed but can’t be copied. Video can be watched as long as you allow it. Publisher can prohibit viewing even if the video has been already downloaded to a computer.
Geographical restriction. It’s possible to choose one or several countries where the playback would be prohibited.
Integrated shopping card.

Do I have to pay for using MovieLocker?

The amount you pay depends on the type of your account. For details, please, see Account section on Help page.

If you rent out your video MovieLocker charges commission only once someone has paid a rental fee. You don’t pay if you don’t earn.

Can I place any video on MovieLocker?

No. You can only upload videos that don’t violate any law or infringe any copyright.

Is Apple Mac supported?

Yes. Mac is fully supported.

Is Apple iPad supported?

Not yet. We are working on it now. iPad will be supported in future.

Suss out MovieLocker for more.

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