Dark CPL and Tempered Glass GND & ND Filters Available in 100mm & 150mm Formats

Breakthrough Photography have launched six new products via the Kickstarter social funding platform, including Dark CPL, X4 GND, X4 ND in 100mm Square, X4 in 150mm Square, X4 GND 150×170, X100 Holder, plus there are X100 Adapter Rings available for purchase.

Ordering on Kickstarter can be confusing, but we simplified it on our 3rd go-around with launching products with the handy little Add-On Menu, see link below for how-to video.

31 days from now there will never be any sales or discounts again on these filters, so check them out while they’re at this one-time only price.

Click here to visit the Breakthrough Photography Kickstarter launch page and check it out.

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