Cooke Optics have rebranded their Panchro by Cooke range and now call it the Mini S4/i range in response to customer feedback. While the small, lightweight and affordable lenses are loved by those who have used and purchased them, the change comes as a result of lingering confusion over the name.

“When we launched the Panchro by Cooke range in 2009 in order to bring the professional ‘Cooke Look’ to all film makers at an affordable cost, we were paying an affectionate tribute to the original Cooke Speed Panchro lenses built in the 1920s. It made sense to us to invoke a legendary Cooke brand name,” explains Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics. “However, we have become increasingly aware that the naming of our modern Panchros has caused some confusion in the industry, so in response to our customers’ feedback we have decided to rename them. Many people are calling them Mini S4’s anyway, because they provide the same high quality and benefits of the S4/i lenses, including the /i Technology sensor that captures valuable lens metadata, at a T2.8 stop.”

What we heard from the industry:
While many DPs prefer to specify Cooke lenses to take advantage of the Cooke look as well as the on-set usability and reliable operation, cost has sometimes been a barrier.
In addition, many purchasers of digital cameras like Red also want a full set of lenses at a realistic price. We also wanted to open up the opportunity to use Cooke lenses in risky situations such as on-board stunt work; lower costs lenses reduce rental and insurance costs.

Everything about the Mini S4/i range is identical to the Panchro by Cooke lenses, providing 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm focal lengths, with calibration and colour matching to the entire Cooke range and of course the famed Cooke Look that brings a warm, organic quality to both film and digital images.

The Panchro lens range to Mini S4/i name change is effective immediately. See Cooke Optics for more information.

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