A little colour grading breakdown from IWLTBAP on the 2011 “Melancholia.”

Color Grading Breakdown #19 – Melancholia (2011) from IWLTBAP on Vimeo.

Test of color grading on an ungraded frame from Melancholia (2011) shot in Arri Alexa (Log-C).
Using a LUT to give an interesting look to the image.

Skin tones are pre-adjusted on second step via the white balance fix.

– LUT "Befori" from this pack : https://luts.iwltbap.com/gopro
– 99+ LUTs Color Grading Pack : https://luts.iwltbap.com
– Free LUT "Aspen" : https://luts.iwltbap.com/aspen
– Free LUT "Sedona" : https://luts.iwltbap.com/sedona

Still frame extracted from Melancholia (2011) : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1527186
Music : Vivaldi – Cum Dederit

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