Director and Cinematographer Daniel Peters tried his hand at filming with the Came=TV Single gimbal and the Sony A7SII camera.

into the woods from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

Ive had the Came TV single gimbal for awhile but haven't had the chance to use it yet.

So today I took my Sony A7SII with the gimbal and decided to test it out along with the autofocus features on the A7SII.

Both in my opinion don't work perfectly, but when they do its magic.

The autofocus on the sony is nice as it doesn't hunt for focus, when it does focus it gradual. I got close to the subject and had the subject walk into the woods so i could follow in and out of the woods to see how well the autofocus would keep up, considering how many trees/objects there was, that the camera could possibly get lost on what to focus on.

The gimbal works nice and its great to have something so portable, annoyingly i think its possibly the sony letting the gimbal down rather then the other way around…as the sony has rolling shutter. I don't recommend running with gimbals and there is no 4th axis to balance this out. The annoying thing with the Sony A7SII on the gimbal is…even with the gimbal and steady shot on, the rolling shutter is so bad that when you hit a snag/bump you can still see the jello for a second.

Bare in mind i shot all this on a 50mm lens, so any bump etc will be noticed, rather then shooting wide like a 15mm, -24mm. Which I hate to do as nearly anything on a gimbal that wide can look good, sometimes a little too generic looking.

So, both together work great…just not perfect.

My intention is to use both for nice subtle movements which it will do nicely.

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