A few years ago a former CEO of Avid was asked if he was worried at all about the number of pirated copies of Avid’s editing programme Media Composer that appeared everywhere.

He replied that Avid was not worried at all, because they knew they made money by offering support with full licensed copies of Composer.
If someone used a bootleg copy of Composer and ran into trouble in a project most times they bought a licence to get out of trouble.

Fast forward to the present and Avid is offering Media Composer l First for FREE.

Avid Media Composer | First

Yes Avis offer Media Composer l First free.

I hear you say how do they make their money? Same as before, at the backend. This time Avid are offering in-app purchases with each copy of Media Composer l First.

Media Composer I First will come out late this year.

Check HERE to see when.

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