Autel Robotics Director of Communications Natalie Cheng unboxes the X-Star Premium drone.

The X-Star Premium quadcopter complete with a 4K Ultra High Definition camera and quick-release 3-axis gimbal so you’ll never miss an opportunity to capture an epic aerial shot. We’ve doubled down on safety features like the Starpoint Positioning System and SecureFly so you can fly freely without worrying about your bird. To make the drone-flying experience simpler and more accessible than ever, we’ve equipped the X-Star Premium’s remote controller with an LCD-display for important flight information and easy, one-click flight functions like takeoff/landing and Go Home.

The X-Star features a 1.2-mile range on the 720p HD live view via digital downlink (using a mobile device cable), and it is the top of three models in the X-Star series. Find out more about the X-Star Premium and its siblings, X-Star and X-Star Go:

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