Atomos Ninja have now begun emailing customers that they are ready to make their first production run telling them that they do not require any deposit for pre orders, however depending on demand, later pre orders may be charged to ensure demand is met.
5D MKII 7D owners etc are excited that a clean Full HD read from their rigs sensor might be possible. Meeting with Atomos owner this week to clear up issues on clean untouched HDMI output signals. However don’t expect much will change from this reply from their Vimeo account:

Hi All, thanks so much for your interest in the Ninja from us here at Atomos. I can’t say too much about the future of HDMI outputs on DSLR’s ;-) but can say this….. I do not see any scenario where by companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and other video and DSLR makers would ever think it is a good idea to hold back features for their customers. The DSLR cameras will do full 1920×1080 at some stage in my opinion and I believe it will be very soon, the 1D has this already as do all video camcorders. Ninja ships December, that should be enough time for the DSLR makers to improve their video technology so we can all enjoy raw video recorded straight from the lens and sensor. I will keep you all posted on the progress and the testing with cameras up until shipping.

If Canon Nikon etc have not given a clean sensor reading out via HDMI by now we don’t see that changing for a Green 3rd Party Company and it is misleading to suggest that they will by late 2010.
Price for Ninja is €795 ex. VAT $995 USD shipping December we are told.

UrbanFox.TV Have the latest video of the Atomos Ninja plus a good write up with heaps of info, check them out for more great articles UrbanFox.TV Blogspot

Atomos Ninja from UrbanFox.TV on Vimeo.

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