Atomos will be previewing the next major release of their unique operating system –
AtomOS 3.0 at NAB 2012. The simple firmware update adds more functionality to their 10-­‐bit field recorders, at no extra cost.

“One of the key new features of AtomOS 3.0 is SmartLog – the ability to mark in and out points and
tag clips using XML metadata so that you can effectively make a pre-­‐edit on your Ninja or Samurai
before you even get to the edit suite. Everything you log – good shot or bad shot, for example -­‐
shows up in your NLE. This is a huge timesaver and yet another example of how Atomos is
innovating to make end-­‐to-­‐end production easier.” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos.

SmartControl was designed specifically for use in James Cameron’s Deep Sea Challenge. It allows
start/stop/pause to be triggered on any number of Samurais interconnected via their LANC port. This
allows control of any deck, even legacy video equipment, from the Samurai and control of the
Samurai from any PC or Mac device -­‐ great for custom video installations, or simply to control
recording remotely.

AtomOS 3.0 also incorporates precision monitoring aides such as Focus Peaking, Zebra, False Color
and Blue-­‐Only. “Now there’s no need for an external monitor”, added Young. “We’re responding to
customer feedback by giving even more functionality, but at no extra cost”.

Other new enhancements included in this major update are automatic file recovery in the event of
power failure, auto-­‐record when an input is detected, Loop Playback and iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC
recording support – a great feature for gaming and app software companies to record and demonstrate
in superb quality how their app or game works.

Originally developed in collaboration with Apple, the Ninja and Samurai field recorders allow the
recording of pristine, 10-­‐bit uncompressed images straight from your DSLR or camcorder directly
to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.

Pricing and Availability
AtomOS 3.0 is a free firmware update for existing Ninja 2 and Samurai users and will ship 30th of April

See Atomos for more details on the AtomOS 3.0 & SmartLog.

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