The ActionProducts Runner is an exo-skeleton design made to give the body full range of motion while supporting and stabilizing the full weight of a hand held camera movement system.

ActionProducts Runner 1

Estimated shipping date: Mid-Late April 2015

This exo-skeleton support system aids the gimbal operator in completing longer shots with virtually no fatigue. Additionally, the weight support will allow the user to focus more on aspects of cinematography like framing, moving in different directions at a variety of speeds and spend less concentrating on managing the weight burden of the gimbal. Also because of the high payload support, users have the option of mounting more accessories to the gimbal that otherwise would be unrealistic to carry.

ActionProducts Runner 2

The Runner is easily equipped and adjusted to fit any body type. It is just like putting on, securing, and taking off a backpack. The lightweight harness is lined with pressure dispatching padding for comfort for continuous operation. The spring loaded arm segments are height and width adjustable. Arm height is adjusted along two 19mm carbon fiber rods running vertically on the back of the harness. Depending on arm height, it will be possible to mount 19mm accessories to the back of the harness such as battery modules. Length adjustable 19mm rods will also be found along the top of the forearm harness providing addition space for 19mm accessory mounting.

With all weight being removed from the arms, you are free to slide your arms in and out of the forearm harness at anytime (most useful while performing high/low boom movement and while equipping/removing the exo). The ability to free your arms from the rig with such ease is a major competitive advantage over other exo-skeletons that allow the user to get in and out of the harness as if it were a backpack (without any help from others).

ActionProducts Runner

The hooked tether allows for easy hand passes to other operators. As the second operator takes the weight of the gimbal, the first will be able to pull away by simply lowering the arms. This hooking feature will be user customizable and will provide a safe and secure way of locking the arm segments down and away from the user.
The Runner will also feature a C-Stand mount located on lower rear of the harness to keep the exo-skeleton off the ground and out of the way on busy sets.

ActionProducts Runner key features:

– Supports up to 15.0kg/33lbs payloads
– Perfectly stabilizes gimbals in horizontal and vertical range
– Takes all weigh off the arms
– Capable of up to 140cm (55“) in boom range
– Fully milled aircraft grade aluminum construction
– Operate with or without forearm harness
– Lowered arm locks for easy mounting/dismounting
– Built in C-Stand docking bracket
– Lightweight harness
– Adjustable in height and width
– 19mm carbon fiber rods located on back and on arm segments
– Fully adjustable belt (fits all sizes)
– Load dispatching padding
– No limitation in arm movement
– Ultra narrow design – pass easily through doorways
– Proven, long-lasting ActionProducts spring packs
– Load capacity adjustments made by simple knob
– Smooth and reliable ball bearing joint articulation

For more: Innocinema.

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