From Sony Professional USA

A fresh approach to 35mm optics for Cinéma Vérité style production from Sony Professional USA on Vimeo.

Sony presents an original approach to 35mm optical systems design for still & motion picture shooting. With the DSLR revolution came a dramatic increase of still photography lenses for motion picture production use.

Widely established still photography lens systems designs are highly optimized for still shooting, but frequently lack important features for motion picture production. With the E-Mount, Sony launched a different approach to lens design that gives equal importance to motion picture production.

Presenters in this seminar: Motoyuki Ohtake — Distinguished Engineer, Optical Design Dept., Digital Imaging Group, Sony Corporation; Richard Schleuning — National Sales Manager, International Sales Americas, Carl Zeiss AG; Jon Fauer — Publisher, Editor of Film & Digital Times, Member of ICG, DGA and ASC.

Jon Fauer, ASC, award-winning director and cinematographer, author of more than a dozen best-selling books on cinematography and digital imaging, discusses with session presenters Motoyuki Ohtake of Sony, and Richard Schleuning of Carl Zeiss. Jon has taught at Dartmouth College, his alma mater, Columbia University, NYU, and many other places

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