We hope you enjoy 18 Freely Alta videos, showing off what the Alta is capable of.

ALTA – Look to the sky

Users can quickly and easily mount the MōVI to the top or bottom of the ALTA.

Creatives will discover just when the lens flare looking up through the bridge looks best.

Engineers can ensure it wont collapse.

ALTA – the intersection of Art and Technology

ALTA – Top Mount Full Speed

…as close to a magic carpet as you can get…

ALTA – Case


The ALTA ships in a Storm Case 2875 and unfolds in seconds.

The new soundtrack of aerial cinematographers pushing the limits…

ALTA – Helicopter

The ALTA’s 30mm carbon swan neck booms fold flat and fit into an included custom Pelican case… for those times when the toy helicopter needs to ride in the real helicopter.

ALTA – Height Hold

The SYNAPSE flight controller takes readings from accelerometers, barometer, and GPS and fuses them together to create high-bandwidth height control flight mode.

What this means for filmmakers is you now have a dolly in the sky.

ALTA – Velocity Control

The SYNAPSE flight controller takes readings from accelerometers, barometer, and GPS and fuses them together to create high-bandwidth velocity control mode.

This means pilots can command smooth, consistent, and repeatable climb or descent velocities with ease. The max climb or descent rate is also adjustable in real time using the sliders on the flight radio.

What this means for filmmakers is you now have a dolly in the sky…

ALTA – Ultra Lightweight Frame

The ALTA ships in a 2875 Storm Case and was designed to go from case to flying in under 5 minutes.

We spent years assembling / disassembling systems on locations all over the world, quietly thinking about how to build the next generation system.

The ALTA keeps you focused on flying, filming, and enjoying the epic locations you are capturing in a completely new way.

The integrated Toad in the Hole quick release allows for moving the gimbal from top to bottom mount with the click of a button.

ALTA is the professional aerial cinematographer’s strong, quiet, reliable partner…

ALTA – Quick Release Vibration Isolation

The CineStar line of multi-rotors pioneered Freefly’s patented vibration isolation system. The ALTA improves upon the design to make the vibration isolation pucks tool less and quick release for easy in-field changes.

The ALTA includes 3 different stiffness pucks for various payloads and operating temperatures.

Red = soft
Teal = medium
Black = hard

We usually fly the teal isolators with our normal camera packages (a7S, RED Dragon, ALEXA Mini) in normal temperatures but with the quick release design, you will be able to tune your system as conditions change.

We know the camera needs a smooth ride…

ALTA – 15lb Torture Test

We rate the ALTA to fly a 15lb payload…..but we should be more specific.

Our version of ‘fly’ is the following tests with max payload:
• 15s full power climbs
• Zero throttle descents followed by full power recoveries
• Max / Min power cycling
• 45 Degree (max angle) left / right flight

In short, we go out every test session with one mission, to break this machine.

If the flight test team succeeds, they get a fresh ALTA, and a gummy worm… they are looking a little lean these days.


The ALTA features an integrated OSD (On Screen Display) for use with FPV systems. We include wiring for the most popular FPV systems to get you up and running quickly.

The OSD gives the pilot access to useful real-time data like artificial horizon, ground velocity, vertical velocity, battery voltage, sat count, return to home arrow, altitude.

We like to detach the MōVI at the end of the day and have some FPV fun…

ALTA – App

The ALTA App gives the pilot the ability to fine tune the ALTA for their specific flying style and needs. It offers

Real time monitoring and charting
Real time machine status and error indicators
Configure LED color and brightness
Pre and post flight checklists
Firmware update
Save / load custom configurations
Modify aircraft feel / dynamics
On Screen Display customization

ALTA – Jump Around

ALTA – Toad in the hole

Detach your ALTA from your MōVI gimbal in seconds using the included Toad in the Hole quick release.

The Toad in the Hole features titanium nitride coating to harden and protect the sliding surfaces as well as a 2 stage catch and clamp locking mechanism to ensure the safety of the payload.

We want you spending your days creating epic aerials, not turning wrenches…


The Zero FX Electric motorcycle produces 20kW of peak power and hits 60mph in just 4.0 seconds.
The ALTA has six 18 inch folding carbon fiber props and produces over 3kW of peak power.

Neither was designed for drag racing, both are beloved by the Freefly team…

MIMIC Operating on ALTA

Create unprecedented camera moves with the MIMIC / ALTA combo.
The ALTA has the ability to mount a MōVI Gimbal on the top, or bottom of the aircraft using our Toad in the Hole quick release system.

Now both the camera operator and the pilot get to ‘fly’

ALTA – Blast Off

In pushing the ALTA to its limits, we discover new shot possibilities.

Engineering tests to the breaking point, which empowers the creative team at Freefly to feel confident pushing the machine harder and further than they otherwise would.

This collision of Art and Technology drives the team to continuously expand the capabilities of our machines, and our film making.
With a Canon 5D and Tokina 11-16 mounted to a MōVI M5 the ALTA is able to climb at over 14m/s (45ft/sec)
In this clip, the ALTA climbs to 172M (564 ft) in around 15 seconds.

Freefly ALTA

The new ALTA has 18 inch folding props that whisper at a hover speed of 4600 RPM. As if to say ‘don’t worry ALEXA Mini, I got you…….I got you.’

13.6kg (30lb) AUW
Hover Speed: 4,600rpm
Specific Power: 144W/kgf
Thrust Margin: 1.85:1
Freefly ALTA FPV with the RED Dragon

Flying the Freefly ALTA first person view with the Red Dragon and Canon 16-35mm lens. Used the MoVI controller in MIMIC mode for the beginning shots and regular dual operator mode for the rest. Focus and zoom were hooked up with the Freefly Wedge and Heden Motors.

Learn more at freeflysystems.com

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