Zylight will have a single lamp LED fresnel light coming around August September that gives out a light source that is equivalent to a 650 watt output drawing only 90 watts of power. The prototype Zylight F8 was shown off at NAB 2012 and can be changed from spot to flood using a bellows system. The Zylight F8 has no fan and no liquid cooling for a virtually cool to touch heat sink. The fully dimmable WiFi controllable Zylight F8 has a beam spread from 16 degrees all the way out to 70 degrees and is IP54 rated so that means the unit is weather sealed for safe outdoors use. The Zylight F8 can run off battery and mains power.

Thanks to Airboxlights for the interview and video:

One more video showing the prototype F8 plus other Zylight lights at NAB 2012.

Thanks to Klyment for the video:

Please go to Zylight for more information on the F8 fresnel light.

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