Well forgive the bad, the very bad positioning, bizarre framing of the two cameras, and the crazy letterboxing, in this Zhiyun Crane M gimbal review.

That and it’s only in Korean, but you do get to see the Zhiyun-tech Crane M!!!

Here is a Google translated rip of the write up:

Good morning.

Red Mirage.
The original image is the latest in hand gimbals cranes Zhiyun Tech
A simple crane unboxing and review of M (minimi).
M Crane is hungry smartphone, the Sony Action Cam, mirrorless cameras, lightweight DSLR
It is a smaller, more lightweight, one-hand gimbal designed for high performance.

Compared to an existing crane it weighs 0.95kg and 0.74kg in weight reduction becomes smaller as well as professional women who also designed the Creator can be used without the burden of weight.

Finally, the crane is a test of this video. But it is determined that the weight of the shoot, except devices that are equipped with the test results kept intact and the power of existing cranes. (Yet jyeotjiyo smaller and lighter)

This video is a brief review and unboxing only, let’s just authentic one hand Zhiyun-Tech Upload a review of the gimbal crane M.

Thank you.

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