Broken Anchor Design is a premium cinema accessory design company, and have come up with ZERO Follow Focus Gear, which is now on Kickstarter.


Our fundamental belief is defined by an ambition to create products that improve the user experience through more than just function. We approach challenges from a ground up approach and look at every detail to enhance ergonomics, function and the user connection. Our mission is to create amazing things, for the people, who create amazing things!Our premier product is a follow-focus lens gear that challenges the status quo and is set to become the standard choice of the professional and independent filmmaker.


Zero – The world’s most versatile follow focus lens gear.

ZERO is the world’s first truly universal, seamless follow focus lens gear. The lens gear is designed to fit nearly any lens in your kit and boasts a blistering 3-second install time, making lens changes a breeze. The seamless outer gear is completely free of any obstructions, meaning you can spend less time setting up your gear and focus on the shot. Featuring an oversized, fixed diameter, Zero gives you the highest degree of accuracy when pulling focus and offers you the most repeatable and consistent action, every time.


But function isn’t the only thing we care about at Broken Anchor Design. We believe a product should be beautiful, inside and out! The amazing technical capabilities are completely framed within a stunning physical appearance. We believe design should be so much more than just features and benefits; it should have that inspired human touch.


Kickstarter Campaign Details
Funding Goal: $33,300 USD ($45,000 CAD)
Pricing: Starting at $275USD ($370 CAD)
Estimated Delivery: Early March 2017
Dates: Nov 15, – Dec 15, 2016

Grab a ZERO Follow Focus System for yourself HERE.

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