Alex Nelson has a goal to build a pinhole lens built to the same standards as the best motion-picture lenses and designed to take advantage of the rapidly-increasing sensitivity of digital sensors.

Zero Opitik

Well dreams come true and the Zero Optik pinhole lens features a stainless steel PL mount and aerospace-grade aluminum body that accommodates matteboxes and 86mm threaded filters.

Three precision laser-drilled pinholes in different sizes (f/87.5, f/175, and f/350) can be swapped quickly in the field with no tools required. The 35mm focal length offers a wider field of view than any other system and covers all sensor sizes.

Zero Optik Lens

Discounted preorders are available through the website, and I’m proud to say Duclos Lenses ( will be the exclusive distributor once kits start shipping at the end of April.

Grab one at

ZERØ OPTIK – A Curious Light in Morningside from ZERØ OPTIK on Vimeo.

A collection of scenes from Morningside Heights and Riverside Park in Manhattan on a late winter Saturday in March using the ZERØ OPTIK 35mm PL Mount Pinhole Lens and f/175 aperture.
Everything was recorded on a Sony A7S II. ISO ranged from 6400 to 51,200, but majority of shots were done at 12,800 or 25,600 ISO. No noise or grain was added in post, but Film Convert Ilford Delta 400 LUT was applied and basic curves were added to adjust for high contrast look.

Cinematography by Colby Moore (
Music by Arcadia Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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