Zeiss HS Vs Cooke Panchro S2/3 Arri Amira Lens Test “BAGAGE” from Jonas Späinghaus

Jonas Späinghaus tested Zeiss HS and Cooke Panchro S2/3 on a Arri Amira camera for “BAGAGE.”

Zeiss HS vs. Cooke Panchro S2/3 Arri Amira Lenstest "BAGAGE" from Jonas Späinghaus on Vimeo.

This is a lens test comparing Cooke S2/3s and Zeiss HS for the upcoming project "BAGAGE"

Cooke S2/3 Panchro
18mm | 32mm | 50mm | 75mm

18mm | 35mm | 50mm | 85mm (90 Diameter) | 85 (80 Diameter)

GlimmerGlass 1/4, GlimmerGlass 1/2

Arri Amira in Log C
ProRes 422HQ

Not Graded, just converted to REC 709

Special Thanks to Kamera Ludwig and NIVRE Film & Studio GmbH

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