iKan just popped up a few of their LED lights and one bulb config up on Vimeo. So if you are in need of new lights have a gander at this lot from iKan.

iKan ID500

ID500 from ikan on Vimeo.

This sturdy, high-powered LED can take on your lighting needs and can even become portable and wireless.
– Color Temperature of 5600 k (+ 300 K)
– Truly portable & wireless
– AC100 voltage of 120V/60Hz
(works in countries with 220V power)
– AC or DC power options available

IKan ID400

ID400 from ikan on Vimeo.

This 4 bulb LED light can shine with tungsten or daylight, both in spot or flood, and it remote controllable.
– Remote-controlled
– Rugged, solid construction
– Includes 4 Tungsten Flood Bulbs
– AC or DC power options available
– User interchangeable bulbs
– $499

iKan iLED155

iLED155 Deluxe Kit from ikan on Vimeo.

This dimmable, lightweight LED light is a must-have addition to your production equipment!- Interchangeable Battery plates
– Dimming capability
– Wide Angle LEDs providing a smooth, even coverage of light
– One complete kit everything you need
– Low Power Consumption
– $249

iKan Multi K

Multi K from ikan on Vimeo.

A small and portable, on-camera LED light with variable color temperature settings.
– Variable Color Temperatures
– Uses 6 AA Batteries
– Lux equivalent to 50W Tungsten
– Weighs less than a pound
– 144 LED Bulbs in red, white and yellow
– $499

For more gear and info please go to ikan.

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