YongLiYuan Parts Manufacturing or YLY Parts have joined Cinescopophilia as a sponsor. They are probably a company you have never heard of, yet they make parts for camera gear you love.


YLY Parts are specialists in suppling custom made carbon fiber parts for the automotive industry, and now make high quality parts and tubes used in camera gimbal rigs, multirotor frames, UAV drones and other aerial filming rigs.

Defy, makers of the G12, G5, and G2 brushless gimbal camera rigs have used YLY Parts for their services.

YLY Parts CNC Cutting Engraving Service

YLY offer CNC Cutting / Engraving Service using High Precision / High Spindle speed CNC Machines , We have ALL the raw Sheets (Black G10, Carbon Fiber) in big Stock and CNC range from 1mm Thickness to 6mm Thickness, For normal Thickness (1mm – 3mm), NO Minimal Order!!! For other thickness (4mm – 6mm), There is a Minimal Order.



YLY CNC machine aluminum parts used in Photography industry such as Adapter rings, Lenses, Gimbal parts, and accept worldwide brands – OEM Production like Canon, Sony, Nikon etc.

YLY Parts Adapter ring

We accept either Prototyping order or large Production order


For more information about YLY Parts hit up their website www.ylyparts.com

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