A year is along time to either love or hate camera gear. Leftcoast seem to be leaning towards the warm and fuzzy feelings for the Kessler Second Shooter after a year of using it.

A Year with the Kessler Second Shooter from Leftcoast Media House on Vimeo.

Find links and other info at the blog post https://Left.ly/secondshooter

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Disclaimer: I need to let you know the second shooter I was using this past year was on loan. I've been Kessler Crane customer since 2012 when I purchase my first real slider from them. They were supporters of Untethered and lent me a second shooter to use while shooting my film Untethered. The opinions of this article and the video are my own, I have not received any payment from Kessler.

*I was not compensated for this video although I was using additional equipment on loan while shooting Untethered. The opinions are 100% my own, based off of my actual production experiences.

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