Picture this NAB 2014… It’s going to be wall to wall brushless gimbal rigs. Allegedly.

Here are two more brushless gimbal camera rigs to add to your collection.

The KORE X1 Gyro Stabilizer Rig from XTC Systems:

X1 gyro rig

Demands for these rigs are high right now and we are already being flooded with inquires, so if you are interested in the X1 just send us an email and we will place you on the waiting list, the first batch will shipped on the 8/8. We plan to have photos, specs & test videos uploaded by late July as well as an option to pre-order the X1 online with a 50% deposit.

XTC Systems X1 gyro rig

Contact XTC Systems for more information about the KORE X1 Gyro Stabilizer Rig.

The Romanian stabilizer:

Designer Andrei-Klauss has popped this brushless gimbal camera rig up on his Facebook timeline…

romanian stabiliser GH2
romanian stabiliser

Give Andrei a bell on his Facebook page and see where the Romanian stabilizer is going.

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