German Company Crosscast brings us the 350 fps XFUSION HD broadcast camera system based on 2/3 inch CMOS sensor technology.


With its patent pending image enhancements, the camera offers an outstanding performance for live broadcasts and feature film production with up to 350 frames per second capture. The camera utilizes the same Full HD 2/3″ global shutter sensor as the XCAM and offers 1080i/p with frame rates up to 60fps (4:2:2 at 10bit with RAW output tbc) on its live output and up to 350 fps super slow motion on a separate playout channel simultaneously.

The camera system gets controlled by a set of controllers to match colors or playout slomo directly out of the camera system, so no additional video server or EVS system is needed to integrate slomo footage into your live broadcast. Due to the two channel output, the camera can be used as a live broadcast camera while recording and/or playing out slow motion at the same time. Whatever shot you get – nothing gets lost!


Also its size and weight is very unique for a high speed camera system. Mounted onto lightweight crane systems, offer you spectacular camera angles and never before seen high speed camera shots. You would like to get high speed from a steadicam? Not a problem.

For more: Crosscast.

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