30 million views combined. That’s what collaborative group CodeX have amassed over the years with their timelapse videos. And now the team is planning an ambitious project called X-plore, which will document critical at risk environments around the globe.


X-plore will be a full feature length film featuring the fresh work of 15 multi award winning timelapse cinematographers.

We are CodeX — the largest collaboration of award-winning, world-renowned time-lapse artists whose work has over 30-million views on Vimeo and Youtube combined.

Welcome to the most ambitious, first-of-its-kind time-lapse adventure you’ll ever see packed into a 90-minute feature film that will change the way you view cinema and the world.

There are thousands of places on our Earth that are so critically endangered they are at risk of being non-existent 10 years from now. Many are changing at a pace that is alarming from an environmental perspective but invisible to the naked eye. Our mission is simple: use our collective skills to document these changes to our world in order to preserve and bring attention to these wonderful environments. With a mind-blowing collection of time-lapse imagery and an inspiring story we hope to promote positive social awareness. We will show the massive environmental shifts that are all around us; time-lapse lets us bring them to you at human scale and focus on finding solutions.

The team:

Joe Capra
Drew Geraci
Sheldon Neil
Michael Shainblum
Henry Juh Wah Lee
Matt Givot
Andrew Walker
Eric Hines
Ben Canales
Brian Hawkins
Julie Hansard
Aaron Mendez
Chris Pritchard
Chaz Curry
Sean Parker

For more: X-plore.

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