DSLRPros have sent out the message that they have a GH4 4K Quadcopter you might be ready to roll with:

DSLRPros-Helix drone

4K DSLRPros-Helix drone

DSLRPros-Helix 4K drone

Capture stunning 4k aerials with the all new DSLRPros-Helix drone
Take your Panasonic GH4 to new heights with the DSLRPros-Helix. This heavy lift aerial drone supports the Panasonic GH4 or GH3 in a compact and powerful design. With its unbelievable power and manoeuvrability, this rig gives film makers and aerial photographers the most incredible aerial footage imaginable.


20 minute+ flight times
Compact hard case
Transports easily
Assemble and film within minutes
Smooth 3-axis gimbal
Onboard redundant flight controllers
DSLRPros quick-lock foldable locking arm system
Ultra HD 4k recording

Please see DSLRPros for more on the DSLRPros-Helix 4K drone.

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