Carbon is a professional multi-functional portable playback system. The system is based on 10-bit 4:2:2 HD SSD-recorder and 20-inch HD IPS-monitor.

Carbon is a 10-bit 422 HD SSD-recorder and 20-inch HD IPS-monitor

The IPS technology allows users to see the true beauty of the image, without distortion of original color. The IPS-matrix maintains constant color temperature of the image without deviations, which guarantees the naturalness of color rendition. IPS-matrix monitors do not distort colors, which fully match those of the original image at any angle. This feature allows customers to enjoy the color accuracy all over the screen, regardless of the angle of sight.

Carbon is a 10-bit 422 HD SSD-recorder

Have a close look at the UI on the screen… Look familiar?

The device is commuted to a camera via the SD/HD-SDI interface. Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD codecs are available. Remote Start/Stop via SDI triggering and timecode with supporting of Arri, Sony, Red, Canon, Panasonic cameras.

In case it is necessary to perform non-linear editing at the shooting stage, the Carbon system can be supplemented with input/output devices with Thunderbolt port for capture of image to a laptop and display of edited material to an external SDI-monitor.

Wireless audio monitoring, vibro speaker and linear audio outputs have level control and simplify the usage of the system.

The following plugs are provided for connection of power supply sources:
V-lock (on-camera batteries);
4pin XLR (car cigarette lighter socket, D-tap, DC 12V);
PowerCon (AC 110-220V).
In addition to external power sources, there is an internal battery in the recorder, which is automatically switched in case of necessity. Variety of power supply options, automatic crossover DC-AC-DC, overloading and polarity reversal protection guarantee the possibility to record material under any conditions.

The system’s reliable casing is immune to dust and moisture. It is equipped with comfy rubber-coated handles, extensible hand grip and two wheels.

Please see Wicam for more details about their Carbon setup and their other video control systems.

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