This is what happens when you leave the company Intern alone… The Sony Starvis sensor promo… If that is what you want to call it.

It features Cheetahs at night… At night, people… Cheetahs have poor eyesight come nightfall, and this is a promo to publicise how good Sony technology is at seeing in the dark, by featuring a predator cat that rests at night because it has piss poor eyesight.

Starvis Sony Sensor

The Cheetah’s do however pull off quite amazing deep, deep shadows in complete darkness. Amazing cats really.

Let’s also give it up for the intern that said Starfish… wait you think it is Starvis, I’m sure they say Starfish… Anyway let’s meet in the middle… Starfhvis is the only word we will need to say for this promotional video, and let’s not actually use any moving footage…. Brill, simply BRILL.

Promote that Intern NOW!!

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