How good is your tripod you are using at keeping your tell-tale body movements to a minimum?

Intelligent 90x Zoom

How good are you at hiding any hand tremor, or shake your fingers give off when you are touching the camera during a move?

This demo video from Panasonic showcasing the Intelligent 90x zoom from the W570 camera is something else.

Normally fully extended on a zoom like this camera is… Even the slightest of pulses pumping through the fingertips echo wobbly crazy vision.

Actually to be fair I can see their breathing pattern / finger tip pulse show up on the 90x tram and beach shots.

It’s there, it’s subtle.

They also speed up the zoom out.

So as amazing as the Intelligent 90x zoom is from Panasonic on the W570 camera, the steadiness of the shot is it could be argued, be even better.

Panasonic new 4K Camcorders W570 series features powerful 90x Intelligent Zoom, which can pull subject far distant up close.
This video is actually recorded with W570/W570M but Intelligent 90x Zoom is available in V270/V260 also.

More information is/will be available on Panasonic regional websites.

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