In the left corner we have the Sony FS5 camera and in the right corner the old workhorse EX1 camera from Sony.

Which camera wins in low light shooting?

Ingemar lundgren finds out.

Sony PXW-FS5 vs Sony EX1 low light quick test from Ingemar lundgren on Vimeo.

Fs5 at F4 using the sony 18-105 Kit lens and to give the EX1 a chanse at F1,9. Pretty clear the FS5 smashes the older EX1 in low light. No suprise given the sensor size.
+12DB gain on the sony FS5 would be about 3000 ISO. The images are underexposed and thus any noise can be clearly seen.

*Download the video. Vimeo makes it look really crappy.

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