Did you know way back in February 2013 a very bold and brash Indiegogo croudfunding campaign took place to get money together for the Frankencam DIY RAW video camera project? Poor buggers only wanted $4000 to get the DIY camera project up and running. Unfortunately they could only garner 12 pledges and a total of $695.

Maybe they should have Skyped a Guru ignoring a crocodile attack victim and offered him one to plug it… Yeah I went there.

Frankencam DIY RAW Video Camera Features:
8 and 12 bit raw files
60 fps
$1500 – $2500 including a lens

Frankencam DIY Camera

For now, your best bet looks like it’s going to be the $995 black magic small camera coming out in June. They really make good products, and I’m sure the compact is going to be a winner. For the brave souls that want something more – grab a Point Grey Flea 3 usb camera ($895) and a copy of Norpix Streampix and stream it to a laptop. That’s another $1000, but well worth it as that software is moving towards a cinematic concentration every day. Great people, great application. Again, my apologies to anyone disappinted by this campaign. We thought it would catch fire, but learned that it’s very tough to compete with cameras that are available off the shelf, even if you can provide something of a really high quality.
Regards and thanks!
Jarrett Towe

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