David Newman, Senior Director of Software Engineering for GoPro has expanded on the new GoPro firmware Protune 2.0 features for the HERO3+ Black Edition camera.

GoPro HERO3 Protune 2.0 Update

David on his Cineform Insder Blog talks about the new advanced Protune 2.0 controls for Colour, ISO Limit, Sharpness and Exposure, as well as changes the Protune default settings for Colour to “GoPro Colour” and Sharpness to “High”

First up the default settings for the Protune 2.0 settings are different to previous Protune settings:

David drops a shooting tip which is also handy to keep in mind:

David’s shooting GoPro HERO camera tip is to try to always shoot with Protune CAMRAW.

The subtler color image is nice to start color correction upon, but CAMRAW is also lower noise. To saturate any image the difference in color channels is gained-up, blue channel noise is crossed into green and red channels, and vise-versa. This happens in all cameras, and it happens in post saturation, but with CAMRAW it is under your control.

Protune within the new firmware on the HERO3+ Black Edition has changed again. The original Protune was the “pro”, “tune” that GoPro designed for all professionals, yet you don’t have all the same needs. Now it is the mode for pros to tune their GoPro cameras.

David also runs through the menu structure to get the best out of your Protune 2.0 settings and even is kind enough to drop his favourite settings for the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition camera:

Please read David Newman’s full post about Protune on his CineForm Insider Blog HERE.

David Newman’s Favourite Configuration for HERO3+ Black Edition:

While I’ve listed some of my favorite settings above, here are defaults for all my HERO3+ Black Edition cameras (one is not enough):

Video 2.7Kp30 (24p for night events or creative projects) with a Medium FOV (this mode is the sharpest with highest resolution for video presentation, with very little lens curvature.) For aerial video I use 1080p60 Medium FOV (low light off.)
Photo Burst 5/1 at 12MPixels
Timelapse — I don’t use time-lapse photo, I use 2.7Kp24 or 1440p24 video modes and compute my timelapses is post (a GoPro Studio feature.) See Rethinking Time-lapse
Protune On
FLAT – Log curve
ISO Limit 400 or 1600 as needed.
Sharpness Medium
EV -0.5 (or downward as needed)
Sound/Beeps OFF
Auto shutdown after 120 seconds of inactivity.

To update your GoPro HERO camera to the latest firmware please see the GoPro Product Support Page HERE.

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