On our @CameraRigs Twitter account one of our long time followers John Fry @TheSteadicamMan features regularly with his camera rigs. It’s time to highlight John and his Steadicam, and here is a video John and the BBC has kindly already prepared for us.

What is a Steadicam

A brief introduction to what Steadicam is an how it works with professional operator John Fry, as seen on the BBC!

Presenter Ewan McIlwraith talks to John about the basics of how a Steadicam works, what the system is good for and the benefits of using one.

Kit seen: John’s upgraded Steadicam EFP with a Sony PMW-500. Filmed by famous BBC cameraman & film maker Richard Taylor-Jones on a Canon XF305 for Springwatch Extra.

For more: John Fry.

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