Over the years we have seen some cool camera gear and rigs available firstly from traditional bricks and mortar and now from clicks and order, but what if you could revisit a product that just never made it big time. What camera gear would you like to see get over the production line via crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and and onto your production set? We are going to nominate the Brownstone SHORT: The SHORT HD Cinema Prototype from a few years back, as it looks very promising.

* Two axis articulation at the camera end of the beam is all that is required for traditional (level horizon) camera support/motion as well as modern camera style (tilted horizon, oblique/spinning camera). This is true because the stance and grip of the operator allow for multiple added degrees of freedom in positioning. This is accomplished by extension/retraction and twisting of the beam about its long axis, WITHOUT adding additional mass at the pan/tilt end of the beam where added mass would otherwise be most limiting to the hand held cantilever device.

* The human body is one of the most diversly capeable machines known. Why not take advantage of that naturally evolved solution to mechanical motion? This is exactly what we do with SHORT. No vest. No unnecessary bulk, added weight or mechanism. Just the operator and the camera positioner. Turn it on, pick it up and use it. Simple.

* The payload is not overslung or underslung, and doesn’t know the difference between the two. The SHORT camera positioner is axially balanced, with the mass center of the moving parts purposefully placed along the axis of the beam. The positioner may be held at any angle or orientation and swung through any arc during a shot without adverse effect. The aerospace composite and titanium structure is strong, stiff and lightweight. Unlimited shooting orientation is the result….

* Unlimited shooting orientation. Think about it.

* A built-in active servo stabilizer may be selected for each axis independently. This helps to smooth unsteady motion. The end results are hand held shots that the audience can’t tell are hand held, more of those shots per hour spent on the scene or set, and better imagery afforded by freedom of camera path, freedom of vertical camera and freedom of operator creativity.

Another goody that needs to come onto the market:

Brownstone “SHORT FP2” hand held camera positioner w/ 4 ounce payload

Check out more on the SHORT and maybe one day hopefully they do a Kickstarter campaign.

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