If you are at NAB swing by Weisscam and check out their concept for the future of film cameras: A compact, modular system that allows the user to configure the camera to the specific needs of each individual shoot or filming situation. Thanks to @cailyoung for the heads up.

The T-Concept features 3 compact and interchangeable Head Units with different sensors enabling you to choose your preference or easily adapt the system to various production requirements. Head Units will consist of:

2/3“ @ 2K
35mm @ 2K
35mm @ 4K

The T-System Head Units are extremely compact, making them ideal for situations where larger, traditional camera systems are either too large or too heavy, and for 3D where they can be mounted in an ideal position without great complexity. (In other words, significantly reduced costs over more complex systems) Each Head Unit features the same flexible Lens-Mount system accommodating common manufacturer’s mounts.

Weisscam T Concept Camera

Keep an eye out for the complete T-Concept system.

T – Head “HD” Featuring up to 400 fps

T – Rec Recording uncompressed RAW and HD
T – Data Pack Removable secure storage up to 4 TBs
T – Station High-speed transfers from T-Packs to your computer
T – Finder A prototype compact Viewfinder

Weisscam T Rec

If you cant make it to the Weisscam stand at NAB then click here for a visual demo of the T-Concept system.

For more info see Weisscam.

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