What’s new in camera batteries this year? On the runway at IBC taking the spotlight is waterproof V-Lock batteries, clips to put on you battery terminal making it ready for air travel, and a P-Tap adapter to power the hell out of your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

All from Blueshape.

Blueshape Splash Battery

BLUESHAPE introduce three NEW V-mount batteries, nicknamed the SPLASH series. These batteries are designed to function in the pouring rain and have an IP65 rating. The drop-resistent shell comes with a special seal and without the D-taps to ensure the integrity of the battery. The 100Wh, 190Wh and 266Wh SPLASH batteres are still made impact-resistant. Run your lights regardless of the weather and get the job done!

Battery Terminal Cover V-Lock Blueshape

All BLUESHAPE batteries will now come with clips to protect the contact sockets on the batteries! The clips are imprinted with information for the new P.A. that the clips are to be removed before using the batteries. These are sturdy items that can be re-used which fit any BLUESHAPE V-mount battery.

Blueshape P-Tap For BMPCC

BLUESHAPE is now making a P-tap adapter for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Add the BubblePack (or any P-tap 14V power source) to your BMPCC rig to extend your shooting time by hours!

For more: Blueshape.

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