So the EPIC CINEMA Canon Picture Style has been released and is available as a payed for download at $19. If you like the test shots then do the research to work out if you love it enough to purchase it. Vimeo comments have been in the positive column so far.


– Best perceived latitude ever on a 5d, but with a nice contrasty image

Latitude won’t change with any picture style, what changes is that LCD tv’ s render everything above RGB 236 as white or anyway too bright to not consider it white.
So the “best latitude ever” is meant for the final user who will enjoy all highlights details because this preset shifts all those details in a lower, visible range.
But the curve is made to lower the highlights and boosting the area just below making the image contrasty even if whites are not whites
– Keeps details on shadows and highlights while remaining quite contrasted.
– Vivid colors on low saturated areas, no greyish or monochromatic cast
– Analog like colors on high saturated areas
– Very sharp image,
– Film colorimetry
– Doesn’t need color grading
– Best usage of the 8 bit codec

The new CINEMA Picture Style was developed analyzing and replicating a film stock colorimetry, and combined with a digital look and feel of high end digital cameras.

Compatibility: Canon EOS cameras

Grab your copy of CINEMA here.

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