Take a closer look with Aputure at the DEC Vari-ND Genius Adapter.

1. It lets you adapt your Canon EF lenses to Micro Four Thirds or E-Mount cameras (it comes in 2 versions).
2. It is a wireless follow-focus with the included grip handle.
3. It is a wireless aperture adjuster.
4. It is a remote trigger, allowing you to start/stop recording wirelessly.
5. It has a liquid crystal variable ND included, allowing you to wirelessly adjust from ND8 to ND2048, which is 8 stops of ND. It also comes with a clear filter, in case you don’t want that ND element.

Unlike previous DEC models, the VariND also allows you to control both ND and aperture from the adapter itself, without needing the hand grip.

One charge of the hand grip will work for over a week while the adapter will work 4 hours continuously OR can be simultaneously charged for unlimited hours of use.

The VariND is constructed out of heavy-duty aluminum and brass.

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