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VX7c | 7” 3G-SDI Monitor with Signal Conversion from ikan on Vimeo.

The VX7c is the follow up to the popular VX7i monitor.

The VX7c keeps the beautiful high resolution 1280 x 800 IPS panel and everything else that made the VX7i great and adds digital signal conversion as well as histogram.

Every connection you could possibly need is here on the VX7c.

The monitor comes with 3G HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite, and Component Input.

All inputs are completed with outputs. The VX7c includes HDMI to SDI as well as SDI to HDMI conversions. This means that any HDMI signal you bring in will come out SDI and any SDI signal will come out HDMI.
This can come in handy when you want to send your camera's HDMI signal longer distances that HDMI can support or when you want to send your camera's SDI signal to a lower cost HDMI only TV or monitor.

The VX7c features histogram to help you get the proper exposure. A video histogram is a graph showing the distribution of dark areas, middle areas, and bright areas in a video image.

With this infomation you can determine if the image is properly exposed and, if not, adjust your camera accordingly.

There are two tally systems featuring one on the front and one on the back of the monitor.

On the front, the on-screen tally light shows 3 different colors of your choice of yellow, green, or red on screen.

On the back, there are 3 colored indicating LED lights, and when the tally is connected, it lets the user know when they are recording or switched to on air.

The VX7c has multiple battery solutions that include DV batteries, Canon DSLR batteries, and even Pro batteries that mount directly on the back of the monitor.

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