Vortex Media has announced the release of a new interview lighting instructional DVD entitled: “How to Set up and Shoot Awesome Interviews with LED Lights.”
Presented by well-known instructor and Director of Photography, Doug Jensen, this 90-minute training video teaches both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of shooting excellent news-magazine style interviews — with an emphasis on utilizing the latest LED lighting technology.

Interviews are the foundation of video and television production, and are essential to almost every type of program. For today’s high definition productions, the quality of interview lighting is more critical than ever.

The lighting equipment choices available to TV and video professionals have expanded quite a bit in recent years, and Vortex Media’s research shows that more and more high-end crews are now replacing their tungsten and fluorescent lighting instruments with state-of-the-art LED lights. Jensen explains, “Now that there are several sizes of LED Fresnel lights available to use alongside the standard flat-panel LED lights, I am certain that LED lighting for interviews will quickly become the de-facto standard.”

The move to LED is inevitable, Jensen says, because “LEDs simply have too many benefits for professionals to ignore. I now light all my interviews with nothing but LED lights. My light kit, which consists entirely of instruments made by Litepanels, allows me to work faster and more efficiently, haul around less gear, and, if I choose to, run all my lights on batteries. And unlike tungsten lights, LEDs generate virtually no heat so the talent and crew stay nice and cool. However, as great as LEDs are, you can’t just use them like other lights and expect to get impressive results. ”

In “How to Set up and Shoot Awesome Interviews with LED Lights” Jensen not only presents viewers with the proven interview lighting principles that he has used throughout his 30 year career in television production, he also demonstrates new techniques and methods for getting great results with LEDs.

Topics include:

Selecting the right types of lights
The advantages of LEDs have over tungsten and fluorescent
How to select a suitable shooting location
The most effective ways to position the camera and talent
Techniques for minimizing depth-of-field regardless of type of camera
Multi-point lighting setups
Creative use of white balance for better skin tones
How to determine the proper exposure
How to create a pleasing composition
Proven ways to make the talent look their best
And much more

Jensen’s first interview lighting instructional DVD, released in 2006, “How to Setup, Light, and Shoot Great Looking Interviews“, broke new ground by going beyond typical three-point lighting and addressing all the elements that are required for shooting great interviews.

“How to Set up and Shoot Awesome Interviews with LED Lights” has a suggested list price of $60 and is available direct from VortexMedia.com and many video/film equipment resellers worldwide.

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