Coming soon is a new gear maker called Volare Film Tools who will be pumping out DSLR camera rigs, sliders, and camera support products. Volare is the brainchild of Oman Mirzaie a veteran Snapper Director from Bangkok Thailand.

Here is a sample of what you can expect to see from Volare.

The Cinefix R8.6 Pro Cinema Cage. This 3D image doesn’t show the levers, screws & grip covers, but I’m sure u get the idea!

The Velo T3.1 with carbon fiber panel inserts & mello yello EVA soft grips. Made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium & precision built to tolerance levels of within .05 of a millimeter.

This is the most basic model of the Velo series. It’s a great platform to start with for film makers that want a dslr rig that’s quick, versatile & lightweight or need a high quality rig that can also be built on.

This is the ‘Carbon Cruzer’ version with carbon fiber panel inserts on the inner grids. Available as an upgrade on all rig kits & sliders.


The Cinefix R8.4 version, also called the ‘HardRoller’. This gives you the ultimate protection for your camera as well as almost limitless options for mounting video accessories such as cheese plates, HD monitors, matteboxe’s, lights & mics etc.


A couple of the Velo T3.0 Series DSLR Quik Rigs in 3D. These rigs are made for there flexibility, radical configurations & run & gun style design. Grip covers & tension levers also supplied with rig, offcourse. : )

Velo T3.0

The Cinefix R8 cage design supports both 15mm & 19mm rods.

Volare Rig (2)

The 15mm C-Rod Support design, made for the Cinefix R8.0 Pro Cinema Cages. The C-Rod is made with high grade 6061 T-6 aluminum, has a hard anodized grey finish for strength and corrosion resistance, metal tension levers and integrated carbon fiber panels for a futuristic style. It also supports standard 15mm rods & is V-Lock integrated for speediness.

For more on the Volare gear range keep an eye on Volare Film Tools.

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