The Sony PXW-FS7 camera has a weak shoulder pad. Sorry it had to be said.

It looks like FS100 Bloggers had another hand in designing the look of a Sony camera.

Using the FS7 camera beyond a YouTube review is going to require a proper professional shoulder mount.

Vocas have a PXW-FS7 shoulder rig ready to go.



It will not have escaped your notice, SONY has the PXW-FS7 A new camera was introduced as the successor to the NEX-FS700.

Proud of our “sister” reports that she is completely ready to provide high quality accessories’s new Sony camera
This includes a shoulder bracket that follows the contours of the camera! Inside this new shoulder bracket is an adjustable shoulder-path.

At the front and the back of the bracket are options for installation of 15 mm supports that enable the use of all existing Vocas accessories. The rosettes on the left and right-hand side of the bracket may be used to confirm. Handles

For top of the camera is a new cheese plate which designed the famous Vocas handle can be. Put At the front of the handle, the SONY viewfinder can be mounted.
Further, the handle offers mounting options 15mm supports making in turn may mount other Vocas accessories.

For more: Vocas.

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