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Visual Review: Feiyu FY G4 & BIKE MOUNTS from Substantial Truth on Vimeo.

Bottom line: The device functioned (very) well.
You can easily notice the difference: Just look at the vibration of the helmet or handlebars versus landscape!

BUT, frankly, when mounting the unit to helmet or to chest strap (for bike riding) it's provides BETTER results than holding the unit in your hand while walking or running (regarding to landscape or still objects obviously. When you walk or run with the unit in hand, and shooting landscape or buildings and so, you can easly feel the way on your footage; contrary to shooting an object or a person on the move).

I mounted the unit on several points on my helmet and to my chest strap. I was really surprised.
There is a sense of flow and smooth motion – as if you are flying …
Of course, in some cases you may feel slight trembling due to road conditions.

This is a nice tool!
Price to value – it is a good deal and almost a "must" have tool. I think that bikers will take the most out of it and probably anyone using it for "selfie" actions.

Gopro Hero4 Black
Feiyu-Tech G4
Davinci Resolve 12
Adobe CS6 (Pr, Ae, Au)
Music by Shigeto – Perfect Crime

DOP Yaniv Schwartz (overall)

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